Frequently Asked Questions

Courses – BIS Publishing Courses TM

I have not written a book yet, can I attend the BIS Publishing Course?
Absolutely, it does not matter what stage you are at with your book, we encourage you to attend our courses.

If I cant attend the your courses can I attend any other training providers courses?
Of course you can, but we are not in the position to qualify other provider's courses. What we can assure you of is that if the attend any of the BIS Publishing Courses you attend a proven quality course that provides you exactly what it says on the tin.

I don’t have qualifications in English, are your courses suitable for me?
It does not matter what level you are in English, if you can speak the language we will empower you with the tools to both write the language and self publish successfully.

Where are your courses held?
Mainly throughout the UK and London in particular. We do over the course in other regions of the world.

Will I be able to self publish successfully after I attend the BIS PUBLISHING Courses?
That's the aim, we would not ask you to join us on the course if that was not the intention. We will give you the tools to do that and the rest is up to you.

I have just browsed the BIS Publishing Courses website for the next course dates, but can't find a new date?
It may be that at this moment in time we are not running any of the BIS Publishing Course. Please drop us a line expressing your interest and we will get back to you as soon as the new dates become available. You can also be kept in the loop by join our online mailing list.

Do you run a course for a private group?
Yes we do, as it may be specialist or bespoke we don't advertise that, you would need to contact first for a consultation.

I've successfully self published and had success with my books over the years. I would be interested in becoming a BIS PUBLISHING Courses trainer, is that possible?
Yes contact us for a chat.

Book - Self Publish Successfully: A 20-Step Guide

Why should I buy the book Self Publish Successfully: A 20-Step Guide by Michael Williams?
Mr Williams has been working I n the Publishing industry for over 15 years, he first started as a self publishing author before he set up a successfully publishing house. In the guide book he draws from his years of publishing and also answers FAQ from potential authors which he has received as head trainer on the BIS Publishing Courses.

Does it include some of what's taught in the BIS Publishing Courses? Yes it gives a basic summary of what’s on the courses. It excellent as an compliment to the course as you can use it whilst you are on the course and again as a coach after you finish the course. It you simply can't attend any of the course dates then it is the next best thing.

Is there an e-book version as I prefer read e-books?
Yes you can get hold of the e-book version now just click here.

I noticed that there is an audio CD version of the Self Publish Successfully: A 20-Step Guide, if I already have the book do I need the CD?
No, but we would recommend that you get it. With the audio version it brings the book to life, there are plenty of added extras and what's best about the audio version is that you can listen to whilst doing other things. Simply play it in your car whilst driving our copy it to your phone and listen to it whilst you walk, jog or lay in your bed.

After reading the book can I still attend the BIS Courses? 
Yes, in fact the book will inspire you to attend the courses as once you read it all you'll want to do is get going on your self-publishing journey.

Services – BIS Publishing Services

I have finished my book and am looking for a publisher, do I need to attend your courses?
No, but we would advise that you do or at least take up our one2one coaching offer. This makes the whole self publishing journey, much easier, quicker and could save you a whole load of money whilst creating a successful book.

What’s best for me to attend your courses or take advantage of your online one2one coaching?
We encourage you to attend the courses first, then take advantage of the one2one coaching if your are serious about self publishing. If you can't attend the courses or we are not running them, but you are eager to get going we may accept you to go straight on to our one2one coaching program.

What types of books do you Publish?
We help authors self-publish successfully all types of books. E-mail us for a consultation.

How long does it take to publish a book?
This all depends of the type of book to be produced and the commitment of the author.

How much does it cost to self publish a book?
This all depends of the type of book to be produced. E-mail us for a consultation.

Do you publish both P-books and e-books
This all depends of the type of book to be produced, e-mail us for a consultation.

When I have self published successfully how will people know about me book, will it sell or will I be left with egg on my face?

Absolutely NO! If you attend our courses and take up our one2one coaching we will teach you and give you tips and tricks to create books that sell well.