“I enjoyed the BIS Publishing courses very much”

“I’ll glad I registered and attended… now I believe I can do it”

“They make it sound so easy, I am sad that I took so long to register for the course, they would have saved me so much time and money.”

“The tutors are very inspiring, I really do believe now that I can be a successful self-publishing author.”

“It was brilliant I wish they could deliver their course in my country.”

“I’ve been to several self-publishing courses and most of them have been a waste of time and money. Most of the trainers have only published one or two books and claim to be experts.  This was completely different, what I noticed is that the BIS team were speaking from a position of real personal experience and the lead trainer had self published several successful books before he set up his own successful publishing house.”

‘’…I had to come on the course, a friend of mine was on their course last year and with 6 months she had a best-selling children’s book…”