Friday, 24 July 2015

BIS Publishing Courses' 2 Day Master Class Graduate Gives Awesome Presentation at the Mayors Office (City Hall)

London's City Hall
Alan Sharp a graduate of the BIS Publishing Courses 2 Day Master Class gives an awesome presentation at the London Mayors' Office, City Hall The Queen's Walk London. On Monday 13th July 2015.

Alan delivers his presentation.
The title of the presentation was take from his book Changing Generations: Challenging Power & Oppression in Britain Today, which he self published with the support of the BIS Publishing Services team.

I caught up with Sharp the week after the presentation and asked what he hoped would come from he's talk and the book. He said “at City Hall on Monday, I tried to show how we can stop poverty and injustice in UK and worldwide. I identified barriers to getting this done, answering the question, 'Do sexism, racism, white privilege and white supremacy exist in Britain today?' I was also encouraged by the positive suggestions during the Q&A segment. He went on to thank BIS Publishing services along with J. Arnold for organising and hosting the event.

This book is now available in both printed format and e-book Kindle format.