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DON'T QUIT!!! - Were The Words That Kept Charles Going Until Completion.

The Book Launch of 'The Day I Found Him'

The end of a journey and the beginning of a new one. Those were my thoughts on Saturday 6th February 2016 at the St Vincent & Grenadines High Commission, for the launch of 'The Day I Found Him' by Doris Charles. Let me rewind a little a few weeks, in fact the last month of 2015. It was the morning of November 30th 2015 and in my usual routine of checking my emails, I noticed one from Doris Charles, it simply said, I’ve finished the corrections to my book. Can we organize the launch for December 2015?
Doris Charles in the centre with her newly published book 'The Day I Found Him'

I thought, wow great, I’m so pleased that Charles continued and did not give up. But the time that she Had suggested was limited and limiting given that minor additional editing was necessary. This was to give the best quality for publication and the enhancement of a professional product. I feared that the timing was too short. That said, I decided we would do our very best to make it happen, simply because we realized that Charles was pregnant with this story, it had done its term and needed to be delivered. You have to remember that she wrote a first draft a few years previously.
Doris Charles in Conversation with Cindy Soso

A couple years ago Charles had attended the 'BIS PUBLISHING COURSES 1-Day taster course' and then our '2-Day Master Class' for authors followed by some online 1-2-1 coaching sessions with us. She was very enthusiastic and wanted her book out but on top of a heavy Ph.D. programme that she was completing, she also had some tough personal issues that she was going through. Now for many potential authors this would be enough reasons to give up. Charles would not allow these challenges to stop her from attaining her dream. Her watch words were don't quit. She just would not GIVE UP! This is a message we teach on our self publishing courses, "don't give up and keep going until you complete".It is only upon completion that One would gain the desired results. Whether One considers the end result a success or failure it is still a RESULT. If you think it's a failure then at least you can look at where you went wrong and then make the necessary adjustments to put it right.
A packed hall listening to Doris; only standing room left outside.

Authors & BIS Team Members
Manyonyi Amalemba & Chimaijem Ezechukwu.
Charles is a great example of a person who does not accept failure. She would not allow the curve balls that life sometimes throw at us to stop her realising her dream. Her spirit and belief would not and could not be broken regardless of her many challenges over the last few years. One of my editors, Manyonyi Amalemba who worked on the book with Charles said “she has put everything in to this” and my head of production Cindy Soso said after reading the manuscript “I cried with tears of joy.”
Prime minister Dr. HON. Ralph E. Gonsalves, gives
congratulating message to Doris and audience.
The result of this commitment to complete this work is the publication of arguably one of the finest novels to be published so far this year. The launch of 'The Day I Found Him' took place on the evening of February 6th 2016 at the St Vincent & Grenadines High Commission, in London England to a full house.
Prime minister Dr. HON. Ralph E. Gonsalves With
C. Soso and M. Williams CEO of BIS Publications.

It must be said that when you decide to make the decision to act on a God given idea and complete it to its manifested fulfilment; you will be blessed with openings and friends from all walks of life, I witnessed this in the case of Doris Charles. Friends from all over the country, the Caribbean, Africa, Malta and as far as the Czech Republic flew in for the launch. Best of all was that the current prime minister of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Dr. HON. Ralph E. Gonsalves took time out of his busy schedule to fly in to attend the launch. The Prime Minister gave Charles some word's of encouragement and praised her on her hard work. An avid reader himself he quoted some authors that included Derrick Walcott and the late Chinua Achebe who both left an impression on him. He said to the audience that it is important to document your story, he went on to quote Winston Churchill saying '...history will be kind to me, how do I know, simply because I will write it...'
It is my sincere hope that potential authors will draw encouragement and inspiration from Charles' self publishing journey and take a leap of faith, by making a decision today AND take ACTION and make a start.

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Part of the BIS Publication's team that helped Doris realise her dream
 'The Day I Found Him'

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